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About Web Start Center

Annelise Bazar: Web Start Center Founder

Mission: Help people create effective, usable, affordable, unique web sites.

Annelise Bazar began building websites in 1996, both on her own and as a developer working inside leading internet companies. For SurfMonkey (children's portal, safety service, and browser company) she built interactive games and demos using JavaScript, ASP, and Flash, and the database-driven version of the portal directories of cool sites. While at ClariNet, the first commercial internet news service, she built a web-based quality monitoring tool.

Annelise enjoys teaching and taught HTML at West Valley College and EastSide Adult Education for three years. The tutorials here are an outgrowth of these classes.

Annelise has experience in small-to-medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries and is eager to help any company use internet and intranet websites to not only reach and service their customers more effectively, but also to reduce expenses and improve internal processes.