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Full web sites

Mini Brochure Site | Business Web Site | Online Store, Articles, or Community Site

These categories are just to give you an idea of what might be included in a site. Each company is unique. Before building your site we will discuss your company's vision, image, products or services, target market, website wants, and budget. This way we can tailor a proposal that fits your situation rather than force fit you into a site that just doesn't suit your needs.

The price ranges listed reflect more than the number of pages. Complexity of design and layout have a large influence as well. Sites that require a substantially more polished graphic design may cost $500-1500 more.

See What to Expect for information about how we approach working on a site and how payments are structured.

Mini Brochure Site

  • Up to about 5 pages - eg: home, about, services, testimonials, schedule
  • You provide text and images, including logo.
  • Email form(s) - eg: contact, subscribe to newsletter
  • PayPal or ClickBank or similar affiliate or payment processor links
  • $200 - $700

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Business Web site:

  • 5-10 or so pages all same level - eg: home, about, products, services, testimonials, contact, resources, privacy policy
  • You provide text and images, including logo.
  • Email form(s) ( feedback, subscribe, order, tell a friend, survey )
  • A shopping cart if needed. Affiliate, PayPal, or similar links if needed.
  • $350 - $1200

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Online Store or Article Site or Community Site:

These are sites designed so that you can easily expand them on your own schedule.

Larger sites are more likely to require frequent updates. We design sites with ease of updating in mind.

These sites may use shopping carts, user reviews, forums, chat, members only sections, or other features appropriate to their purpose.

$500 - $5000 is a likely range for this type of site.

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