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Internet Basics
   About the Internet
   About Web Browsers
   Why Domain Names

Getting Started
   Making Webpage Files
   Naming Webpage Files

Images and Colors
   How to Add Images
   Sources of Images
   Image File Formats
   Optimizing Images
   Color in HTML & CSS
   "Web-safe" Color Chart

More Advanced HTML
   Making Tables
   Formatting with Tables
   Making Forms
   Using Imagemaps
   Using Frames
   Meta Tags

Cascading Style Sheets
   Intro to CSS
   Ways to include CSS
   Some Useful CSS
   CSS Hover for Links

   Promoting Your Site
   How-To's Homepage

Comments (hiding remarks on a page)

If you want to be able to write something in your HTML that does not show up in the browser window, put it inside a comment tag. A comment starts with <!-- and then everything until --> is hidden.

You can use comments to temporarily hide something that isn't working, to remind yourself of what a particular piece of your HTML is doing, or any other semi-private remark. If you learn Javascript, you will need to use comment tags to hide the script from browsers that don't understand it.

Comments are especially useful if you are working on complicated web pages that other people will also be working on.

There are many comment tags on pages of this site. View the source and see them.

Comment tags are not private, they can be seen by anyone who looks at the page source, so don't use them for real secrets.