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Internet Basics
   About the Internet
   About Web Browsers
   Why Domain Names

Getting Started
   Making Webpage Files
   Naming Webpage Files

HTML Basics
   About HTML Tags
   Basic HTML Page
   DTDs and Doctype Tags
   Spaces and New Lines
   Special Characters
   Bold, Italics, More
   Writing Headlines
   Adding Links
   Making Lists
   Comments in HTML

Images and Colors
   How to Add Images
   Sources of Images
   Image File Formats
   Optimizing Images
   Color in HTML & CSS
   "Web-safe" Color Chart

More Advanced HTML
   Making Tables
   Formatting with Tables
   Making Forms
   Using Imagemaps
   Using Frames
   Meta Tags

Cascading Style Sheets
   Intro to CSS
   Ways to include CSS
   Some Useful CSS
   CSS Hover for Links

   Promoting Your Site
   How-To's Homepage

How-Tos Home Page


This is the place to come and learn the basics of creating your own web pages, some of the hows and whys, and even a few tips and tricks and links to other resources.

How to use this site

Most people who are new to creating websites should start with the articles in the Getting Started section. Even if you will be using a website building tool, instead of writing XHTML yourselves.

If you want to understand more about how the Internet works read the articles in Internet Basics.

If you are learning XHTML for the first time, you will probably do best by going through the articles in HTML Basics in order, and trying the tags out as you go.

Use the articles in Images and Colors and Cascading Style Sheets to learn how to add images, colors, and fonts to your pages.

When you are ready to add tables, forms, imagemaps, or frames, you can find them in More Advanced HTML. Meta tags, helpful in making your site search engine friendly are also in this section.

More information about promoting your site, and other useful resources can be found in the More section.

Stay Informed

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