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There are three kinds of lists: Ordered, Unordered, and Definition

Ordered list

Ordered lists get numbers assigned to each item. Start an ordered list with the tag <ol> and end it with the tag </ol>. Each item is prefaced by an <li> tag, and ended with a </li> tag.

Sample Ordered List
<li>Ordered Lists</li>
<li>Unordered Lists</li>
<li>Definition Lists</li>

Unordered list

Unordered lists show each item prefaced by a bullet, which varies a bit in appearance as you nest levels of lists. they are designated by the tag <ul> and the closing tag </ul>. they also use the <li> and </li> tags for items.

Sample Unordered List
<li>Ordered Lists</li>
<li>Unordered Lists</li>
<li>Definition Lists</li>

Definition list

This is a definition list! They are started and stopped with <dl> and </dl> tags.

The term to be defined or explained is marked <dt> and </dt> tags.

The definition is marked with a <dd> and </dd> tags.

Sample Definition List
<dt>Ordered List</dt>
<dd>List of automatically numbered items.</dd>
<dt>Unordered List</dt>
<dd>List of bulleted items.</dd>
<dt>Definition List</dt>
<dd>List of items with definitions</dd>