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Internet Basics
   About the Internet
   About Web Browsers
   Why Domain Names

Getting Started
   Making Webpage Files
   Naming Webpage Files

HTML Basics
   About HTML Tags
   Basic HTML Page
   DTDs and Doctype Tags
   Spaces and New Lines
   Special Characters
   Bold, Italics, More
   Writing Headlines
   Adding Links
   Making Lists
   Comments in HTML

Images and Colors
   How to Add Images
   Sources of Images
   Image File Formats
   Optimizing Images
   Color in HTML & CSS
   "Web-safe" Color Chart

More Advanced HTML
   Making Tables
   Formatting with Tables
   Making Forms
   Using Imagemaps
   Using Frames
   Meta Tags

Cascading Style Sheets
   Intro to CSS
   Ways to include CSS
   Some Useful CSS
   CSS Hover for Links

   Promoting Your Site
   How-To's Homepage

Web Resources List

Specifications Validators Style/Design Guides
Resource Dirs. Hosts and Domain Names Graphics/Colors

Official Specifications, Recommendations, Standards
for XHTML, HTML, CGI, etc.

the current official "rules" of the protocol, if such things interest you.
the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
See what the people who make the standards are up to.
Current state of XHTML and HTML
according to the W3C.
the Common Gateway Interface
specs etc for creating CGI programs... from NCSA

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Validation Services

these sites will check your web page for errors and cross-platform accessiblity issues.
W3C HTML Validation Service
Free validator from the people who made the rules. Is your code correct?
W3C CSS Validation Service
If your HTML or XHTML is right, then they'll also validate your CSS.
CAST: Bobby
this program validates HTML and checks your site for accesibility.
Web Design Group's HTML Validator
Another validator you can use. this site also provides information on Doctype specifications which are needed for the validators to know which standards to validate you against.

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Style Guides / Design articles / User Interface

Yale Style Manual
Comprehensive style manual explaining good and functional web design.
10 Sites that Bite
SitePoint article that shows you how to "Learn from the Mistakes of Others" by showing 10 examples of sites that made avoidable mistakes.
10 Deadly Web Site Sins
Ten potential website design problems, and how to avoid them.
Web Pages that Suck
"Enter here to learn good design by looking at bad design"
Usable Web
Organized collection of articles on usability issues

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Directories of Web Resources

these sites are each a goldmine of tutorials, hints, and links to lots of useful information and tools.

Articles, tutorials, forums about almost every aspect of web design and promotion. Not much about graphics, but a lot about coding - HTML, CSS, PHP etc. This is one of my favorite sites on these topics. Best email newsletter too.
Web Reference
Articles, tutorials, news about upcoming techonologies. Home page is ugly, but lots of information. Useful graphics tutorials. Subscribe to the newsletters and they'll tell you what's new and interesting on the site.
Lissa Explains
Teenager explains to kids how to make basic pages, and spice them up with some tricks.
Project Cool
Basic tutorials in HTML from beginning through advanced.
CNET Builder.com
CNET's Builder is probably the most comprehensive collection of articles.
Big Nose Bird
Silly name, useful contents... html tricks, free scripts, graphic sets
Guides to HTML
Well organized bunch of links on various web making topics
the WWW Virtual Library of WWW Development
"A comprehensive illustrate encyclopedia of web technology."
the HTML Writers Guild: WWW Resources
Sites their members recommend.
HTML Goodies
Mostly tutorials and how-to do tricks.
HotWired: Webmonkey
Online magazine of web design
Volition(TM) Free Stuff for Webmasters
Mostly a compilation of links on various web mastering topics.

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Finding a Web Host/Getting a Domain Name/Redirection

HostIndex.com - June 1999 Top Web Hosting Companies
Index of web hosting companies, you can search for one that has the features you need.
Free Web Space
A directory of Free web hosting sites.
checkdomain.com - Check international domain names
V3 Redirect Services

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Graphics - Sources, Information, Optimization

GIF Animation on the WWW
Finding animated gifs, where to get the software to make your own, other tips.
Some Sources of ClipArt
Color Pallettes and Tools
Graphic Optimization tools

font comparisons

these links let PC users see what some common Mac fonts look like, and what the font size differences between PCs and Macs are like.

the 2 pdf files seem to work better in Netscape than IE.

CGI Script Archives and Remotely Hosted CGIs

Remotely Hosted CGIs
If your host won't let you install CGI or if you don't want to learn how to do it yourself, you can still add some cgi functionality to your site by by adding a link to the CGI on their site. Chat, counters, guest books, more.
CGI Resource Index
the rest of their listings. Some scripts have user ratings.
Matt's Script Archives
A much used collection of free CGI scripts
Cliff's Perl Script Collection

Site Promotion, Search Engines

Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
Search engines: lists of them and how to get listed in them.
Busy Marketing
Many how-to promote your site articles. Her list of search engine submit sites is more complete and may be more up-to-date than this one.
The add URL page for my favorite search engine.
Netscape Search - Add Site
this is a directory site. they want you to recommend your site, from the page with the category it belongs in.
Excite add your URL
Lycos Add Your Site
Submit your site to Direct Hit
Exchange-it - Free Banner Exchange
Show other people's ads in return for them showing yours. One of many such programs.

Tools - HTML editors, FTP, and Graphics programs

NoteTab: Award-winning text/HTML editor
Lightweight, cheap or free, HTML text editor.
Arachnophilia Home Page